Meet the team – Bari Saado

Name: Bari Saado
Role: Export Manager
Favorite Twister product: Twister Hybrid
LinkedIn profile:

How long have you worked for Twister now?
I started in October 2016.

What is your role and responsibilities?
I´m an Export Manager and responsible for all customers in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Israel. I´m also responsible for the Retail Market in Germany.

What did you do before you joined Twister?
Today I live in Bavaria, Germany, and have a Bachelor Degree in Engineering. My previous jobs were as Key Account for energy storage systems and photovoltaic technology in the EMEA region. I was also a Project manager for rooftop building support systems in the DACH region. When I joined Twister I was, in other words, completely new in the cleaning industry, but a big believer of green values.

What’s the best thing about being part of Twister as an organization?
Twister is a unique brand in the cleaning industry and has revolutionized the way of floor cleaning. As a global company, we can truly impact and change the industry’s way of thinking about efficient and sustainable floor cleaning.

What do you think are the main challenges for the cleaning industry today?
One of the main challenges is to make janitorial jobs more attractive. There are more and more countries lacking people willing to work hard to keep our world clean and healthy. And it is hard work. In this context, Twister can actually make a difference. We offer a simple product and method producing consistent, great results with very few deviations. Twister not only helps janitorial staff get the job done but also saves valuable time and increases productivity. As a bonus, the floors really look great.

Which is your favorite Twister product and why?
The Twister Hybrid Tools are my favorites because you can produce amazing results on stone floors. The before and after effect is impressive. These tools show the real power of diamonds. With our restoration range, we can give cleaning contractors the ability to clean and restore floors were they normally wouldn’t be able to do anything. The hybrid tools are actual floor savers and will in many cases restore a floor that would normally have to be replaced – meaning great cost savings but also great green savings.