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Twister office hours during spring/summer

We wish all of our customers and partners a wonderful summer in 2019. During the spring and summer, our offices will be closed a few days due to some national holidays. Apart from these dates, we are available and ready to help you out with any questions and orders. Twister main office and production in [...]

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Happy holidays and our very best wishes for 2019!

2018 proved to be a great year for the Twister teams and our extended Twister families around the globe. We take great pride in being part of all of your success stories. Thank you for sharing your amazing results with us and for sharing the dream of a cleaner future for everyone. This year, Twister [...]

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Twister office hours during winter holidays

We wish all of our customers and partners a season of joy during the winter holidays and we look forward to continued collaborations and joint success in 2018. During the holidays, our offices will be closed a few days while we take time to spend with family and friends. Apart from these dates, we are [...]

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Meet the team – Bari Saado

Name: Bari Saado Role: Export Manager Favorite Twister product: Twister Hybrid LinkedIn profile: How long have you worked for Twister now? I started in October 2016. What is your role and responsibilities? I´m an Export Manager and responsible for all customers in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Israel. I´m also responsible for the Retail Market [...]

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Twister domain update – update your bookmarks

Dear Twister™ Partners and Customers. This is a reminder. Please make sure that our new domain,, has been bookmarked in your web browsers and that your Twister contacts have been updated in your email clients. As of the end of November 2018, we will discontinue our old domain Why are we discontinuing our [...]

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Thank you ISSA North America 2018

This year's ISSA show in North America took place during the last days of October in Dallas, Texas. We were of course there to show just how to take daily, chemical free floor cleaning to the next level. The trend is clear - sustainable solutions are here to stay. We had three amazing days at [...]

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IT support system updates, 19-23 October

Twister Group is in the process of switching IT support systems. Due to this IT system migration, all systems will be down as of lunch local Swedish time on Friday the 19th of October. The migration will be ongoing during the weekend and is expected to be finalized during Tuesday the 23rd of October. During [...]

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Twister to ISSA North America 2018

ISSA North America is closing in and we are excited to once again join one of the most important industry events of they year. During October 30 to November 1 we will be in Texas, Dallas, ready to introduce you to Twister and the benefits of Twister diamond cleaning technology. With us is as usual [...]

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Twister test rig to ISSA North America 2018

We at Twister Group have long experience and in-depth knowledge of using diamond technology in floor cleaning. Therefore we are 100% confident that Twister diamond pads will not cause abrasion, but rather improve any floor surface during daily cleaning. Obviously, we don't expect you to believe us just because we say so - and that's [...]

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Why choose Twister diamond pads?

Why choose Twister diamond pads? Perhaps you've heard this question asked from time to time? We sure have. So we decided to make a short movie explaining some of the great reasons to use Twister. In short, this is why you should choose Twister: Twister diamond pads offer a chemical free, simple, effective, cost-efficient and [...]

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