Five benefits
with Twister.

Satisfied Customers.

Whether you are the owner of a facility, or if you are responsible for floor maintenance of said facility, we are certain that you want satisfied customers – and that is what Twister is all about.

Studies have shown that the most important thing for visitors in, for example a retail store, is that the store is clean and well maintained. Thanks to efficient, easy to use products and simple procedures Twister is the sustainable way to obtain just that – clean and shiny floors every day.

The same goes for industries, hospitals, airports and other public environments. And well-kept environments also provide satisfied employees and increases profitability.

Better results.

Due to the fact that Twister cleans and polishes the floor simultaneously, a sustainable and lasting high quality cleaning result is achieved. The result is so good that periodic floor maintenance in many cases no longer is necessary.

The reason is simple: The diamonds in the Twister pad micro-polishes the floor on a daily basis. This provides a glossy, mechanically densified surface with increased resistance to dirt and wear. That’s why, while pleasing to the eye, high gloss is more than just an aesthetic feature.

Using Twister every day provides a high and even floor quality 365 days per year.

Safer indoor environments.

Twister diamond pads makes daily, chemical free, machine cleaning possible which results in cleaner and safer indoor environments and working conditions for both associates and visitors.

Floors cleaned with Twister and water also provides increased slip resistance and lowers the risk for slip and trip injuries. In short; Twister creates safer, cleaner environments for everyone.

  • Cleaner floors are safer.

  • No chemicals equates to a better working environment
  • Areas with less of a chemical presence are better for your health.
Twister Clean floors

Increased cost-efficiency.

With Twister, the need for floor cleaning chemicals in daily cleaning is completely eliminated. All you need to achieve great results is Twister and water. The life span of the Twister daily cleaning pad is also three times that of a traditional floor cleaning pad, which means better productivity and further consumable savings.

And thanks to the fact that daily use with Twister provides higher, longer lasting results, periodic floor maintenance is in most cases not needed any more.

Except for cost savings related to daily cleaning, Twister also makes additional savings possible such as reduced costs for transportation of consumables, less administration and reduced costs for waste management.

  • Up to 66% savings on consumable spendings

  • Reduced need for periodic maintenance.

Twister Savings Icon

You can easily calculate your own savings related to daily cleaning by using our web-calculator.

Better for the environment.

Twister is a sustainable, chemical free floor cleaning method that significantly reduces the use of floor cleaning consumables and creates several environmental benefits for you as well as your customers.

  • 100% chemical free cleaning
  • 66% floor pad use savings.

  • 98% consumable weight reduction
  • Twister instantly equals fewer shipments, less material and waste handling.

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