Getting started
with Twister.

Changing from traditional floor cleaning methods to Twister is easy. The Twister pads come in all sizes and will fit all cleaning machines on the market, meaning no need to invest in new cleaning machines or new routines.

With Twister, all you need is water, which makes the cleaning process safer and simpler for the operator. In the pad overview below you can find the different Twister floor cleaning and maintenance pads together with instructions for how to use them. You can also download our brochure and methods guide from our support page.

  • Fits all cleaning machines
  • Only water

  • Same routines

  • For all floors

Twister floor pads – cleaning instructions

Choose the right Twister pad

It is simple to use Twister. Just choose the right pad color for your floor and task and follow the instructions in the Twister methods guide. The pad overview below shows all of our pads together with a brief description. You will find more information by downloading our complete methods guide and brochure from our support page.

Daily cleaning


Honing and Stripping