Our environmental

Effective processes reduces our environmental impact

Twister will play a part in the creation of a sustainable society and a strong brand from an environmental perspective. We strive to look after the environment by making the company’s various processes more efficient to reduce their environmental burden.

Our environmental responsibility involves:

  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all employees
  • Systematically developing and improving products and processes
  • Increasing the efficiency of our use of energy and other natural resources
  • Considering environmental aspects when choosing materials and chemicals
  • Basing our environmental targets on our environmental impact and continually following up and adjusting them to our operations
  • Complying with statues and ordinances and considering these as setting minimum requirements for our environmental work
  • Continuously aiming to improve the use of our resources and prevent pollution
  • Requiring our suppliers to have an established environmental policy in addition to timed and followed-up environmental goals

  • Requiring our suppliers to engage in an active environmental work as well as working continuously with lowering their environmental impact