Twister test rig to ISSA North America 2018

We at Twister Group have long experience and in-depth knowledge of using diamond technology in floor cleaning. Therefore we are 100% confident that Twister diamond pads will not cause abrasion, but rather improve any floor surface during daily cleaning. Obviously, we don’t expect you to believe us just because we say so – and that’s why we constructed the Twister test rig.

The Twister test rig autonomously simulates 20 years of daily cleaning with Twister pads in only eight hours. This way we can visualize the long-term use of Twister in live tests and the results speak for themselves. Twister diamond pads cause no abrasion, instead, the floors become clean, smooth, glossy and easier to maintain clean. The reason behind this is one of the main benefits of  Twister – the polishing effect of the diamond pads. The microscopic diamonds in Twister floor pads gently remove pores and scratches and creates a smoother floor surface. This makes it harder for dirt to stick to the floor and since only water is used in the process, there is no chemical residue build-up left behind to factor in. It’s just clean.

The fact that Twister cleans and even improves the floor surface is no news for us, but now we can bring the proof to you, and so we have. Since 2016, the Twister test rig travels the world to different trade shows in order for you to see for yourself how Twister gradually improves the floor surface and effectively cleans any type of floor without causing abrasion.

If you want to see with your own eyes how Twister affects the floors during more than 40 years of simulated daily cleaning, visit our booth at ISSA North America in Dallas – October 30 – November 1.

Register for ISSA Dallas 2018 here. You will find us in booth: 4815 – Exhibit hall, Level 2.